Kindred In Christ,

Join us as we begin our new series, Blessed. We will spend five weeks studying Jesus’ central teachings, which are often referred to as The Sermon on the Mount, found in Matthew chapters 5-7. In these chapters we hear Jesus’ manifesto of the kin-dom of God, which he begins by insisting that it is the outcast and the rejected who are blessed. During this series we will ask, what if Jesus really meant all the radical things he said? And we will consider how Jesus’ counter-cultural vision and call to discipleship goes beyond expecting us to merely “believe correct things” or simply “be good people.” But rather invites us all to undergo divine transformation in all aspects of our lives—interior, personal, and societal. We hope to see you in-person or online as we seek to go deeper in discipleship and experience the liberating transformation of God in our lives.

Alongside you,

Rev. Paul Ortiz