Reconciling Congregation

Reconciling Congregations welcome people of all sexual orientations and gender identities to transform our Church and world into the full expression of Christ’s inclusive love.

University Gathering has been a Reconciling Congregation since 1997. Our statement of affirmation proclaims,

“We believe all persons are recipients of God’s love and grace. We believe the church of Jesus Christ is a community created to witness and embody this truth. As God has called the church in past times to affirm God’s love and grace in relation to specific groups of people including women, the poor, and racial minorities, we believe God is calling us today to declare this same truth in relation to all persons, regardless of sexual orientation. Out of this discernment we declare ourselves to be a Reconciling Congregation.” July 1997

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A Reconciling Prayer

“Ever-living God, we give thanks for your goodness. You have made each one of us in your image, called us to care for creation, and to love one another. Pour out your spirit upon this community as we recommit ourselves to the life of a Reconciling Congregation, working for compassion and justice-love in the world. Help us dismantle all the barriers to love, fellowship, and inclusion among your children. Teach us warm and welcoming hospitality. Bless us each day with enough hope to dream, enough courage to speak the truth, enough compassion to touch, enough passion to insist on justice, and enough strength to stand for integrity. Amen.”                                            Credit:  Adapted from Shaping Sanctuary