Roots of Methodism

Kindred in Christ,

This week we are starting a new worship series titled, Roots. We will explore what it means to be Methodist, which refers to the denomination we are affiliated with. We are going to look at some of the early “roots” that began the growth that is still blooming though us today in new ways.

I believe that to guarantee forward progress; we often must let go of our grip of the past. If we cling too tightly to the past, then we end up dwelling and becoming stuck and ultimately resist God’s forward movement. However, to guarantee the integrity of that forward progress, we also must look at the roots from which we stem. Examining our roots is different from holding on to our past.

As we will explore together, deep within our Methodist roots is an early revival movement, which inspired people to rethink church in their time by prioritizing people over any church model or structure, and to dynamically hold together things like piety (personal faith) and social action.

Whether you are a life-long Methodist, have connected with this tradition more recently (like me!), or are brand new to U Gathering and do not know what “Methodist” even is, I invite you to join us as we (re)discover this early revival movement and what it might means for us today. Along with the sermon series, we will also gather before worship online at 9AM during Enrichment Hour (Zoom link below). There, we will go deeper as I lead us in discussion and exploration on the rise of the early Methodist movement. This is a passion project for me, which I have been dreaming of for some time. And I am excited and grateful to finally dive in deep with each of you!

Alongside You,

Rev. Paul Ortiz