Building to the Future Pledge Video

Kindred in Christ, 
For the last few weeks we have been in a worship series titled Building to the Future. Each week we have considered the different “building blocks” of the kin-dom of God and the essential ingredients to our collective future as a church in the U District. Our own, Leo DeDios, along with a number of other members from our community have put together a video highlighting perhaps the most important element of community—people. God’s abundant and inclusive love for people is the reason we do ministry, and people (each of you included!) are needed to continue to do this important work. This series has also coincided with our pledge campaign season, when we are each  invited to reflect on how we are people in the midst of Christian community, and how we can give of ourselves and our finances to what God is doing in our midst. I invite you to watch the video above, and join us this Sunday in-person or online as we conclude our series.
Alongside you,

Rev. Paul Ortiz