Community Update

Dear friends,

As many are already aware, we were unable to host our regular worship gathering last Sunday, 2/11, due to unforeseen circumstances.

Beginning immediately, we are no longer able to host worship services or gatherings open to the public at the Masonic Lodge.

We apologize for the abrupt notice, and we ask for your prayers, as we discern moving forward together toward the next thing that God has for us. We also apologize for the concern this may well cause. If you would like to know the full details of what is happening, please text Judy Schultz (206-979-3073), or Tom Yelin (206-319-2237) to set up a time to talk. They are each available and ready to schedule a time to meet with you over the phone.  The situation we face is complex and we believe it is best to have individual conversations with U Gathering community members concerning this matter.

We will not be able to host any type of worship gathering this coming Sunday 2/18. We are looking forward to hosting some house church / small group gatherings starting Sunday 2/25. More information will be released soon. Also, please know that we are in a hopeful conversation in securing a new interim location that will better suit our Sunday needs. We are hoping to have a new gathering place by Holy Week and Easter Sunday.

Online Enrichment Hour will continue on Zoom. Choir members should look for messages directly from Ben Fowler regarding choir activities. We regret that there will be disruptions during this time, especially for those who connect online for worship. Please know that we are trying our best as we respond to this sudden change. Your ongoing prayers are appreciated, and we ask that you keep an eye on upcoming newsletters for updates from Pastor Paul and other leaders on ways to continue connecting. Let’s continue journeying together!

Lastly, this morning Jemina, Pastor Paul and others were out in the U District offering ashes and a blessing for Ash Wednesday, a bold reminder that God creates new life out of the ashes. During this uncertain time, may you receive and trust this blessing, too!

“Do you not know what the Holy One can do with dust?”
~Jan Richardson