Worship Leader Search Team

Kindred in Christ,

I’m excited to introduce to you the search team for our future Worship Leader! These are the folks that will prayerfully discern a candidate to lead us in song and worship in the near future. Starting on the top left in the picture above, please meet: Jemina Marasigan, Kirsten Yellin, Keith Eisenbrey, myself (Pastor Paul Ortiz), Joey Chin, Kim Chin, Sharon Fisher, Doug Seto, and Jillian Pyle.

I truly believe that the emergence of our church’s future lies in the spaces where long time members and new folks to the church come together to share power with one another in creative openness to the leading of the Spirit. This holy practice of sharing power has led us to make meaningful steps forward in the past, such as updating our name to University Gathering UMC to better reflect who we are being called to be in the present.

You are invited to be part of this process, too! Firstly, join us for our new sermon series, The Heart of Worship, where we will explore what it means to “worship” God, and the difference it makes in our lives and in the world. Secondly, read over the job description for our new Worship Leader position and hold it in prayer with us. And finally, please fill out The Worship Leader Survey to share some of your thoughts and hopes with the search team and be part of this important communal discernment.

Alongside you,

Rev. Paul Ortiz