We are Resurrected!

Kindred in Christ,

I am excited to celebrate the resurrection of Christ with you this Sunday! I hope you are each inviting your friends and family for this joyous occasion and special services (9 AM and 10:30 AM). Not only are we celebrating God’s power of life over systems of death, but we are also marking a year since we relaunched with our new identity as a church community. It was last Easter when we began gathering in an unconventional space for in-person worship, and changed our name to University Gathering UMC!

Since then we have resurrected the Children’s ministry, which is now thriving and ministering to 5-7 kids every Sunday. We have done new forms of outreach and have created community through small groups, service projects, and other forms of connection. We have had 9 new members officially join the church and we continue to make new relationships and get new visitors. And this Good Friday and Easter we will resurrect the choir!

I give thanks to God for all these things and more, which we have done together since last Easter. During this season we commemorate God’s power of rolling away immovable stones, and making new life possible. I look forward to continuing to walk with you in these new possibilities, and seeing what new stones God will roll away this coming season!

Alongside you,

Rev. Paul Ortiz